WE ARE OPEN for you & your pet’s needs.  However, please adhere to our NEW below policies so that we can STAY OPEN with a healthy staff going forward! 


NEW POLICY effective Saturday 3/21/20 - PLEASE CALL our front desks from our Clinic or Resort parking lots: 

Arlington Pet Hospital & Resort - 901-317-4412
(Press 1 for Hospital, Press 2 for Resort) 


East Memphis Pet Hospital & Resort - 901-317-4414 (Press 1 for Hospital, Press 2 for Resort) 


Information we need during this call: 

1-Car Make, Model, and Color you are driving 

2-Cell # you wish to be contacted at for all communication, and a Credit Card Number we can charge for services (all services will be approved by you the client before charges are run through our credit card machine).

3-Pertinent medical history or reason for your visit, if we have not already gotten this information on a prior call. 


This will allow for the following: 


DVM appointments -(while you wait or for drop offs) – After you have called letting us know you have arrived, one of our staff members will come to your car with one of our leashes and will take your pet inside to see the DVM (please have cats in a carrier, or let us know if you do not have one so that we can bring one out with us to the car).  After a DVM has examined your pet and determined the treatment plan or next level of communication needed, that DVM will then immediately contact the client at your requested cell #.  In the rare cases that it will be necessary to bring a client physically into the clinic, this call from the parking lot will allow us to ensure that an exam room is prepped, sanitized and ready for your immediate entry.  When this occurs, clients will also be required to check out inside the exam room, rather than the lobby.  


Resort / Boarding / Groom Visits - Calling from the parking lot will allow us to be sure that your pet is ready to go at Pickup, or that we are ready to receive your pet at Drop off.  At both pickup and drop off, an employee will be coming out to the parking lot to transport your animal in or out of the building using our leashes (again please have cats inside carriers or let us know that you need us to bring one to the car).  We will be taking payments by phone during these calls at Pickup, or clients can request payment amounts by phone prior to Pickup so that they are able to bring the correct amount of money with them. 


Medication and Food Pickup – We are requesting to again take payment by phone and deliver these items directly to your car. Calling ahead of time from the will allow us a moment to have your items bagged and ready, thus making your check out a quick and expedited process over the phone...  Our BRAND NEW ONLINE PHARMACY AND DELIVERY SYSTEM will be available and operational by Thursday 3/26/20 and will be accessible on our website at that time.


We want to assure you that our staff is practicing diligence and good judgment with regards to disinfecting and cleaning our facilities.  Our staff has also been instructed to stay home if symptoms of illness arise, so that we can continue to provide excellent healthcare for you and your pets.  We continue to plan on keeping a healthy and functioning staff in place each day to assist you in caring for your pets during these difficult times.