*We are also rolling out a NEW COVID-19 ONLY SERVICE STARTING MON 3/23/20*



What is it?

This is a scheduled one-on-one phone consultation with one of our Veterinarians to discuss any concerns or symptoms of illness and/or discomfort that have arisen with their pet.  We prefer this be used for minor issues only, or for clients who feel they are at substantially high risk given the COVID-19 situation.


Who is eligible to use this service?

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic in effect, ALL CURRENT CLIENTS (we must have pre-existing veterinary-client-patient relationship) may use this service.  With that said, a DVM during this consultation may determine that a phone consultation is insufficient to treat your pet and their symptoms, and may require your pet to be brought to one of our hospital facilities for further care – your $58 consultation fee will be considered payment for an office visit if needed.  Everything that can be reasonably cared for over the phone and via emailed pictures and videos will be addressed this way remotely if the DVM feels it appropriate & the client so wishes.  

Emails for pictures / videos:

Arlington Pet Hospital = arlingtonpethospital@gmail.com 

East Memphis Pet Hospital = eastmemphispethospital@gmail.com


Details on how to schedule a Telemedicine Phone Consultation:

1-Call our offices (901)317-4412 (press 1 for Hospital - Arlington) or  (901)317-4414 (press 1 for Hospital - East Memphis) and a Reception Staff Member will take a HISTORY & SCHEDULE a 30 minute time slot for a DVM to conduct this Phone Consultation. The assigned DVM will spend up to 10 minutes reviewing the appointment notes and pertinent history/pictures/videos sent by each owner, and will then allow up to 20 minutes if needed for consultation on the phone with each client/owner.


2-Once your appointment is scheduled, Please immediately EMAIL necessary pictures and/or videos to the appropriate clinics EMAIL so that the DVM has the necessary history to conduct a thorough phone consultation during your scheduled time.


3-Consult Fee - $58 will be collected via credit card by the Receptionist over the phone when scheduling your consultation.  The client will also be required to verbally give authorization for the same card to be charged for any medication / treatments deemed necessary by the DVM and agreed to by the owner.


4-All consultation notes and treatments will be recorded by the DVM & Staff in the patients chart as a part of the patient’s medical record.


5-If Medications are needed, the DVM will have a pharmacy tech fill these medications and CLIENTS are able to pick them up at our office.  Please call from the parking lot and a staff member will deliver them to your car.


As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, Arlington & East Memphis Pet Hospitals will continue to monitor updates presented by the CDC, local Public Health Departments, and the World Health Organization.  We remain committed to promoting the health and wellness for our clients and their beloved pets!


Sincerely - Arlington & East Memphis Pet Hospital Management